Backwoods Weekend Part II

Round 2 of my weekend photos.

Above is part of my Dad’s garden. It’s really much bigger than it appears here.

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Backwoods Weekend Part I

How was your weekend? I was at my parent’s house. Located in the middle of nowhere. It’s a lovely little place. Here are some pictures.

The little pony is named Leo, but we call him Tina Turner because they share the same hair.

My Mom decided to give my nephew a cardboard paper towel roll. Why you ask? I have no idea. But, guess what he did with it…

He beat me with it.

My Dad’s garden is starting to grow.

My nephew got a tractor ride while my Dad cut the grass.

Stay tuned. More pictures from my weekend to come in a day or two.

*note: Please kindly request permission before using any of the photos above with children in them (including sites like Pinterest).  I don’t want them circulating around the internet.  Thank you!

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Hello Color!

Nothing like bright shades of nail polish to beat the rainy day blues. I get excited every time I look at my hands and feet.

They are similar in color, but the one on the left is more pink (that particular shade is Folly) and the one on the right is more orange/coral (Timbleberry) .

Does the pattern in the background look familiar? Over the winter, I ordered shoes from Piperlime and they came in a box with that on the inside. Fun, right?! I couldn’t bear to get rid of it.

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Recent Purchase

Look what I found at Target last week! Aren’t they fun and summery and pretty and colorful and…ok, I’ll stop.

There is a whole collection of summer dinnerware that goes with these. But, in an effort to curb my spending, I only bought the bowls.

If you are interested in purchasing some for yourself, here is a link to the collection.

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One of my close friends got married last weekend!

I think they might like each other.

And now for the desserts!!!

Lots and lots of cupcakes.

And a carrot cake that the groom made.

Then, we got to dress up silly and have our picture taken. I got one of my friends before the photographers got there.

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All Grown Up

Today was my younger sister’s college graduation. My entire family was there for the ceremony. This is one example of our conversation.

Mom: What color is drab?

Me: I dunno. I didn’t think drab was a color. I thought it was used in sentences like “it was a drab and dreary day.” Why do you ask?

Mom: Grandma said the colors they will be wearing for graduation are drab.

Me: Maybe she meant they are boring?

Dad: I think she meant drag

Evidentally, drab is a real color. And no, my sister was not dressed in drag for graduation. Although that would have made it much more exciting.