I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it

Wait, what? You didn’t realize that this post was going to be about a pair of shoes? What else would it be about?

my new pumps

I got these shoes at DSW on Tuesday night! And I love them. For obvious reasons.

high heels

high heels

Ok, you’re probably tired of looking at the same pair of shoes over and over again. And I am done showing them off now.

If you love them as much as I do and want to purchase them, click here. Then we can rock these bad boys together!

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Shield Your Eyes

Warning, the dress I am about to show you is very shimmery and shiny. I cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your eyes. Look at it at your own risk (however, it’s totally worth it).

I thought I would share a little number from my closet.

This dress is great. I’m like a walking disco ball when I wear it. And, who wouldn’t want that?

Everyone’s closet needs a little sparkle. What do you think, would you wear something like this? Obviously I would!

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The weekend is here!

Have a great weekend! Umm…so this is a little late, but better late then never, right?

Story time. So, I cut these flowers sometime last week because they are the only things that are blooming in our yard. My options were few. And they looked really nice. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, anyway, I noticed the next day that they were shut and still hadn’t open by the afternoon. I told my roommate that I thought it was because there wasn’t enough light in the room for them to open. And she proceeded to tell me that those flowers only bloom for one day. ONE DAY! Are you kidding me? Well, now they are dead on the table and I am mad at them for toying with my emotions. I took the time to cut, arrange and name them and they die on me the next day (I didn’t really name them, don’t be concerned). So they will stay there and I will stay mad at them for not lasting longer. The end.

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Last Friday Fun

Guess what came to town this past weekend?!

I first noticed that they were starting to set up for the carnival last Tuesday on my way home from work and I really loved all the colors that were on the rides. So, I tried to figure out a way to take some pictures without people there and without seeming creepy. I took a half day at work on Friday and got some pictures in the afternoon before anyone got there. I’m sure I seemed like a creeper despite my best efforts (I was walking around in heels taking pictures with my iphone), but at least I got the pictures.

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Swaying in the Breeze

Look what I found! I got this artwork at a yard sale a few weeks ago.

The image is actually stitched onto fabric. I love all the motion in it. Below are some close up shots.

It needs a new frame, or, I need to paint the existing one.

What do you think? Do you like it?

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It’s Friday! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. The weather is supposed to be beautiful where I am and I can’t wait to enjoy it.

The roses above are from my backyard. Aren’t they lovely?

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Party Time

We had a party in my niece’s honor a few weeks ago.

The cake was made by my little sister. It was her first time using fondant and I think she did a great job.

And there were lots of other treats.

The tables were decorated using strips of wrapping paper. Then, circles were cut out of different wrapping paper and flowers were placed on top. I also made paper flowers and hung those up.

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