It’s About That Time…

…you know, the time when I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Any fun plans this weekend? I do, but I’m not going to tell you just yet. You’ll  have to wait and see the pictures I post next week. Oh, the suspense.

// design by Alyse Moyer //

Little Ladies

Last week, when I posted about my niece’s stripes, I promised to introduce you to my other niece, but I forgot.  So without further ado, here she is…

She’s already got style. She perfectly matched the color of the baby food on her face to the flower on her shirt. I’m taking all my fashion cues from her. Excuse me, I’m off to the store to get some yellow baby food to go with my shirt.

// photo by Alyse Moyer //


I have a confession to make. But first, you must promise NOT to judge me. Ok, here it goes.

Yesterday…at the grocery store…I bought a box of tissues…ONLY because I liked the design on the box.

It’s not like I needed them because I was out and had to resort to using my sleeve. And I’m not the type of person to buy something and keep it in the closet just in case I run out. I just thought it looked fun. That was my only reasoning.

Wow, I’m so glad I got that off my chest.

Fun, right? Here’s a close up.

If I found a print like this, I would buy it and hang it on my wall.

I must say, that this doesn’t occur frequently with tissue boxes (I didn’t want y’all to think I am crazy), but I am a sucker for good package design.

// photos by Alyse Moyer //

Gross Worms, Slimy Fish, and Dirty Kids (just like I promised)

This fishing story begins with a container of worms. My mom warned me that since it has been so dry where I live, it might be hard to find worms for bait. So, I was smart, and bought some at a gas station.

However, I did not know much about my purchase. I opened the container to look at them and they were HUGE. GINORMOUS. GARGANTUAN. And I had to touch them. And they moved, A LOT. Have a look.

Evidently, Canadian Nightcrawlers are known for being big worms. No one told me that. Oh, except for Wikipedia, which is where I found this out.

Normally I have my mom put the worm on my hook (I know, I’m a baby), but she wasn’t going to be there. So, not only did I have to put the worm on everyone’s hook, but I also had to tear the worms in thirds just so they would fit on the hook. Gross.

Did you see the tag line on the container? It says “Our worms catch fish or die trying.” Those Canadians, they’re funny aren’t they?

Here’s my one nephew (I have two), airing out his arm pits. Actually, he was probably waiting for me to get his fishing rod ready and wishing that I would stop taking so many photos.

This is the pond where we went fishing.

This is my other nephew.

Above,  he’s still wishing I wouldn’t take so many photos.

This guy was the only one to catch anything. This was his first fish.

We dropped this fish a bunch of times before it made its way back in the water. Slippery little bugger.

Still wishing I wouldn’t take so many photos.

Here’s fish #2. We almost didn’t think he had a fish because we couldn’t see it through all the algae.

We didn’t drop this one at all. Aren’t you proud? We got better with practice.

My nephew caught one more fish (3 total), but he was tired of getting his picture taken, so I can’t show you that one.

// photos by Alyse Moyer //

Cutest Stripes Everrrrrr

I’m not exaggerating. These are definitely the cutest stripes you will ever see. Well, that’s probable because it’s on one of the cutest little girls you will see (I say “one” because I have another niece and she is just as cute, you’ll see her later this week, don’t you worry. I’m not biased, by the way.)

Ready….awwwww. Told you so. I think stripes look super cute on kids. I also like the combination of blue stripes with an orange  shirt. It’s a nice contrast of colors.

If I was a good little blogger, I would tell you where the outfit is from. But I don’t know. Maybe my sister will be a gem and tell everyone in the comments. I’m going to bank on that.

Here begins the progression of my niece eating grass. Feel free to yell at my sister for allowing such a terrible thing in the comment section after she tells you where the clothing is from.

And, below I’m saving her from eating more grass. Aren’t I a good aunt? Oh, I guess I should give my sister credit for that photo.

I like this photo because you can see her little blond hairs. Too cute!

Guess what I’ll have photos of later this week? Fishing. That means things like gross worms, slimy fish, and dirty kids. Yay! Be sure to stop by!

// photos by Alyse Moyer, except for the one my sister took //

Yeehaw it’s Friday!

I promise I don’t talk like that in real life. I just thought it was fitting for the photo that I took.

And because I am going fishing this weekend. Don’t people who fish wear those hats? Next thing you know, some of my teeth will fall out, I’ll be wearing plaid shirts and I’ll start talkin’ ’bout my pickup truck, I reckon.

I hope you all have a good weekend!

// image by Alyse Moyer //

Hola mis amigos

(That means “Hello my friends”) I just saved you the time to look up what it means, we must be good friends. Only good friends would do something like that.

Anyway…one of my good friends went to Mexico recently and got me a little something. A really little something.

It’s only a little bigger than my car key. Which means, it must be super hot. I’m a little nervous to try it. I like hot sauce, but this is XXXtra hot. Well taste buds, it was nice knowing you. Too bad they’ll melt off when I try this.

If you want some of your own check this out.

// images by Alyse Moyer //


How was your weekend? This is how wine was…

Well, my whole weekend wasn’t like that. Just one day. But, them fellas got skills. If they were on American Idol I would totally vote for them. Mostly because they are wearing suspenders (well, at least one is). That’s like 50 points already.

I found those guys at the German festival that I went to yesterday. My friends and I go every year (mostly because we get free tickets).

Here are some more sights from the festival.

We sat on hay bales to watch the men sing.

Then we visited all the animals.

Check out the bleach blonde bangs on this horse. Yes, they are real. Yes, I am going to take this picture to the hair dresser and tell them that I want this exact haircut.

One of many hex signs. Pretty colors.

A plate with a design up top and a plate at the bottom anybody could draw on.

I like the design at the bottom of this sign.

Yup, more suspenders! And some glassblowing.

More hex signs.

This bunny, I cleverly decided to name Fluffy. Look at it! It’s a giant fluff ball.

I am slightly allergic to rabbits. As in, if I touch them and then touch my eyes, they will get all puffy and swollen. (Um, who touches a rabbit and then touches their eyes? That’s just dumb. Oh, I do). But, this rabbit makes me want to rub my face in it. Swollen eyes and all.

// images by Alyse Moyer //

Floral Friday

Well would you look at that, it’s Friday again! Did you like that alliteration in the title of this post? No? It’s Friday, give me a break. It’s the best I could do.

Here are some well wishes for your weekend.

Aren’t these roses pretty? My neighbor did a great job growing them. I did a great job cutting them. What? They hang over the fence onto our side of the yard. That basically means they are mine for the taking.

// image by Alyse Moyer //