A Little Something Something


One of my friends is getting hitched soon and I was lucky enough to get to design her shower invites. I wanted something that matched her style (which meant nothing too girly) and incorporated her love of orange. Ta Da! Here they are!


Some Spring in my Step


For some reason, spring decided to take it’s good old time in getting here this year, but it finally made it! I have proof! I went for a run outside one day last week and saw some of the prettiest blooming trees. I decided to take some pictures before they disappeared…and because it was a great excuse to stop running. Actually that is the main reason.

Have a great week!

Fancy Footwork

Remember that time I made this New Year’s resolution? So…it’s not working out that well, as you can see. In an attempt to get back on track, I present to you my new shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes? shoesI picked up these puppies from Zara. They are amazing. I plan on wearing these with everything I own—dress pants, jeans, shorts, sweatpants. I’m pretty sure that’s normal.