Seeing Double

This post may look a lot like my last post, I swear I’m not going crazy, it was the intention. Let me explain, a very good friend of mine loved the dresser that my husband and I updated, so I decided to do the same thing to another dresser for her wedding gift. See, makes sense now, doesn’t it?

download2 copy

image4 copy

We started with a dresser that my husband got for free. Boy has connections, right? It had great bones, but the wood was in bad condition. It was really dirty and the right side had unrepairable water damage. If that wasn’t the case, I never would have painted the outside white, but there was no fixing it, so it had to get covered. The drawers were in great shape though and we were able to just sand those and stain them.


See all that water damage above? It was bad.


There were some very bad dirt stains on the inside of the drawers, so I had to get crafty and figure out a way to cover them. Nobody wants dirty drawers…he he. Contact paper crossed my mind, but then I’d have to make sure I aligned everything and I’m pretty sure I’d mess that up. So I just decided to get wrapping paper from Paper Source and then tape it with double sided tape. I picked this blue printed paper, since it was a color in her wedding (look at me thinking this all through). Also, she could easily remove the paper once she gets tired of it.




I bought other knobs for the dresser at an antique store. I wanted to stick to the gold, wood and white color palette. I saved the cute, original knobs for something else down the road, I’m not sure what yet.image


The legs were spray painted gold to tie in with the knobs. Having the legs all one color makes them look longer and less choppy too, rather then keeping the wood and metal tips. Then, after they got this as a gift, they lived happily ever after. The end.



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