Fancy Footwork

Remember that time I made this New Year’s resolution? So…it’s not working out that well, as you can see. In an attempt to get back on track, I present to you my new shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes? shoesI picked up these puppies from Zara. They are amazing. I plan on wearing these with everything I own—dress pants, jeans, shorts, sweatpants. I’m pretty sure that’s normal.

Warmer Times


We’re supposed to get a lot of snow this weekend, so I figured I’d reminisce back to warmer times. Like when I was in California, on the beach and sweating. In those days, the only white I saw was seagull poop. I miss it so.

In other news, I just got this sweater! Very exciting I know. I really like the gold embellishments. If you recall, I have been told that I have a slight obsession with anything gold. I prefer to call it a healthy addiction.


// photo by my Boo // design by Alyse Moyer //

Feeling Fall

I was cold while I was getting ready for work other day. So I did what any normal person would do…I put a pair of leather pants on. That would be the obvious solution, right? What? You don’t do that?

I paired them with my leopard pumps, it’s like they were made for each other. Then, to top it all off, I wore what my sister calls my “old man” cardigan (according to her, only old men wear sweaters with reinforcement in the elbows). Old man cardigan goes really well with leather pants, in case you were wondering. It’s a nice balance and keeps my outfit from getting too crazy.

Wait, it gets better. My pants have zippers! Whoa! It’s very handy for when I’m trying to pull my pants off my body and they just want to stay there forever.

Here’s the whole look. I bet you’re wondering where I took those last two photos. In my bathroom? Don’t be ridiculous. Ok, fine. Yes, I did. I like to keep it classy for all of you.

The leather pants are from Zara, the pumps are from Target and the old man is from Gap (but they don’t seem to have it anymore).

// photos & design by Alyse Moyer //

My dear friend Abe

Since Monday was President’s Day, I decided to celebrate by wearing some red, white and blue.

Actually it was more of a coral than it was red, but I think it was a good attempt. I’m sure my friend Abe Lincoln appreciated it. Even my collection of bracelets matched. Now tell me, who can’t appreciate that? I’m sure the thank you letters from past presidents will just start flooding in.

Long Hikes…in the Office

I just wanted to introduce you to some winter boots that I purchased recently. They are really great for long hikes and anything outdoorsy. Don’t let the heel fool you.

Ok, fine. They are actually best for walking from your desk to the printer and that’s about it. Oh, and just making your feet look really good. I would strongly urge against hiking in these bad boys. You’d probably break something you didn’t even know you had.

The boots are by Jessica Simpson, in case you want to grab a pair for yourself.

// photo by Alyse Moyer //

Spicing Things Up

Sometimes I get really bored with my clothes, ok a lot of times. Since this happens frequently, I can’t just go out and buy new items, so I experiment with what I have.

A few months ago, I bought a lace dress. It needed a slip for under it and I couldn’t find one. So it has been hanging in my closet ever since. I was having one of my “bored with all my clothes” moments and decided to wear it with jeans and a belt. This is the result.

I really like this outfit now. I’ve already worn it twice. We are going to be best friends, I can tell.

// photos by Alyse Moyer //

I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it

Wait, what? You didn’t realize that this post was going to be about a pair of shoes? What else would it be about?

my new pumps

I got these shoes at DSW on Tuesday night! And I love them. For obvious reasons.

high heels

high heels

Ok, you’re probably tired of looking at the same pair of shoes over and over again. And I am done showing them off now.

If you love them as much as I do and want to purchase them, click here. Then we can rock these bad boys together!

// images by Alyse Moyer using iPhone //

Shield Your Eyes

Warning, the dress I am about to show you is very shimmery and shiny. I cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your eyes. Look at it at your own risk (however, it’s totally worth it).

I thought I would share a little number from my closet.

This dress is great. I’m like a walking disco ball when I wear it. And, who wouldn’t want that?

Everyone’s closet needs a little sparkle. What do you think, would you wear something like this? Obviously I would!

// images by Alyse Moyer using iPhone //