Dogfish Inn

We went on our annual family vacation last week to Lewes, Delaware. While we there we noticed a new hotel popped up, so of course I stopped in for a look. And by stopped in, I mean we walked in the lobby, took a bunch of pictures and looked like total creepers, but they were fine with it.

photo 1

It is the Dogfish Inn and it looks amazing! I instantly fell in love with everything. Really, everything.

photo 2

I want all their chairs. We would be such good friends.

photo 3

photo 7

Oh hello there sailor!

photo 5

photo 8

photo 4

photo 6

And, of course, there is beautiful tile to escort you on your way out.

// photos by Alyse Moyer //

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach. We took a much needed day trip to this place on Sunday. It was lovely. That was until we got home and realized how burnt we were.




// photos and design by Alyse Moyer //


One Pretty Place


There’s nothing like a pretty place to give you inspiration. I was able to go to Terrain a few weekends ago and it was overflowing with rustic charm. I mean, just look at these chairs hanging on the barn. At my grandparents’ barn, the only thing hanging off the sides are cobwebs.

photo copy 3

photo copy 2

They have a cafe where you can get yummy food and drinks.

photo copy 5

photo copy 9

photo copy 8

I want something in my house that is this green color.

photo copy 7

We got to peek in one of the sheds where a wedding reception was going to be held later that night. I love the combination of the chairs and those tables.

If there is a Terrain near you, I highly recommend that you stop by.

A Quiet Place

I was looking back on some old photos that I took and I found this one below. It seems so peaceful and quiet. There is something about it that stills my thoughts. It’s crazy to think that a simple photo is capable of expressing so much.


It’s About Time

I know this week was a short one, with Memorial Day and all, but I still couldn’t wait for the weekend. How about you? I’m in a wedding tomorrow, so it’ll be a busy next few days. I hope your weekend has time for some relaxing!


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Get Going

Three day weekend! Woo hoooooo! That’s three days in a row of sleeping in! Can you tell I’m excited? Enjoy your weekend and let’s get going on the things that matter. For me, that would be sleep.


In case you were wondering, I took this photo on our recent road trip. We drove from Utah to the East coast. I think this was taken in Utah or Wyoming, I can’t remember which. Those were the only two states we drove through that weren’t totally flat. I started going crazy once we hit the flat states, so if you ask me about photos taken after this, I will have absolutely no idea.

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

And so it begins…the plethora of photos.


A few weeks ago when my fella & I were in Utah, we rode the tram at Snowbird. The view was gorgeous! I took a few photos, and by few I mean a ton.

photo copy 2

photo copy 3

photo copy 4

photo copy 5

photo copy 6

photo copy 7

photo copy 8

photo copy 9

photo copy 10

photo copy

Look how happy we look! Well we were totally faking it, because we were freezing our buns off. The only reason I could force a smile was because I was thinking about the tram returning and heat coming back to my body. But despite the cold, the ride was absolutely worth it. I mean check out that view!

Beach Bum

You can thank my mom for this post. She yelled at my yesterday for not posting anything recently. So this is to keep her happy and to ensure that she continues to feed me when I come home (actually, that’s the main reason).

I had the chance to visit southern California a few weeks ago. It was my first time there and the beaches were beautiful!

What’s that white stuff on the rocks, you ask? Poop. Lots of poop. So, of course I took a picture to share with all of you. If only I could capture the smell. Breathtaking.

I must admit that I can’t take credit for the last two photos. My fella took those. Not too shabby, eh?

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