Happy Weekend!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Did you notice I jazzed up my blog? I did it just for you. Aww I know, I must really like you.

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Pretty Little Things

I got these pretty little things at the grocery store last week. I couldn’t resist. Ranunculuses are one of my favorite types of flowers.

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Wait, They Were Serious About That?

Oh, hey snow. I wasn’t expecting you for another, oh, TWO MONTHS!

I mean, the weather people did say it was supposed to snow today, but I didn’t believe them. Let’s be real, being a weather person isn’t all that exciting unless the weather is being crazy. I just assumed they were bored and met at one of their “weather person support groups” and decided that predicting snow in October would be fun. Didn’t you?

I guess that on occasion, the weather people are accurate. Blows my mind. I had no idea. Lesson learned, next time they call for a hurricane I will believe them instead of sitting on my couch, laughing and thinking that they are so clever for coming up with that one.

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Corn Maze

I told you I would take lots of pictures. I wasn’t joking. Let me tell you about our corm maze experience, there was corn, more corn, then we got lost, then there was more corn, still lost, CORN. I imagine that’s how they all are.

Aside from all the corn, they also had pumpkins, gourds, flowers and all things fall.

No more corn please.

Here is the entrance to the sea of corn. This was before we knew what we were getting ourselves into. You’d think that with 7 adults, we would find our way out relatively easily. Not the case.

I think she enjoyed the stroll.

Finally, we found our way out! There were pumpkins everywhere. We got apples at the end of the maze to munch on. Delicious.

So cute!

Have a good weekend! Enjoy some corn mazes while you still can!

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Feeling Festive

Fall is here! So to celebrate, I went to a  farm and got some much needed pumpkins. And, of course, they had other things. Like mums. Lots of mums. As you can see.

They had super cute lollipops and other candy. And, I was a sucker and got two for my nephews.

I probably should have taken the wrapper off before I took the picture, but I didn’t want my nephews to think I tried to eat them.

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To Do List

Hey! Long time no see. Did you miss me? I missed you.

This is how I have been feeling lately…

I have been super busy designing my life away (I’ll show you some of those things later this week), and life in general has  been busy. I’m sure you understand.

But, good news, I’ll be back in action this week. So you can stop reading trashy novels or whatever it was that you were doing to fill the void in my absence.

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The Big Reveal

So have you been going nuts all weekend wondering what I was up to since I didn’t tell you in my last post? No? Fine.

Well, over the weekend I went camping!

Here’s our tent.

Umm and when I say tent, I really mean RV. Ok, so we didn’t totally rough it, but it was still rough. You should have seen the showers we had to use. Eeeeck. Scary.

Here’s a view of the lake.

Part of the lake had a beach where campers could swim. But I didn’t go swimming. I didn’t trust that water one bit.

We cooked over the fire using this tripod and rack.

My nephews found lots of these little guys. I held one too!

There are more pictures from my weekend of camping, but I’ll save them for another post.

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Gross Worms, Slimy Fish, and Dirty Kids (just like I promised)

This fishing story begins with a container of worms. My mom warned me that since it has been so dry where I live, it might be hard to find worms for bait. So, I was smart, and bought some at a gas station.

However, I did not know much about my purchase. I opened the container to look at them and they were HUGE. GINORMOUS. GARGANTUAN. And I had to touch them. And they moved, A LOT. Have a look.

Evidently, Canadian Nightcrawlers are known for being big worms. No one told me that. Oh, except for Wikipedia, which is where I found this out.

Normally I have my mom put the worm on my hook (I know, I’m a baby), but she wasn’t going to be there. So, not only did I have to put the worm on everyone’s hook, but I also had to tear the worms in thirds just so they would fit on the hook. Gross.

Did you see the tag line on the container? It says “Our worms catch fish or die trying.” Those Canadians, they’re funny aren’t they?

Here’s my one nephew (I have two), airing out his arm pits. Actually, he was probably waiting for me to get his fishing rod ready and wishing that I would stop taking so many photos.

This is the pond where we went fishing.

This is my other nephew.

Above,  he’s still wishing I wouldn’t take so many photos.

This guy was the only one to catch anything. This was his first fish.

We dropped this fish a bunch of times before it made its way back in the water. Slippery little bugger.

Still wishing I wouldn’t take so many photos.

Here’s fish #2. We almost didn’t think he had a fish because we couldn’t see it through all the algae.

We didn’t drop this one at all. Aren’t you proud? We got better with practice.

My nephew caught one more fish (3 total), but he was tired of getting his picture taken, so I can’t show you that one.

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