A Look Into My Weekend

This is how my weekend looked. Ok, maybe it’s how it looked a few weekends ago, but better late than never, right?

weekendingI picked up this lovely blue chair at a used furniture store for only $30! What a steal! It looks very similar to the shape of this chair, but wayyy cheaper. Of course I had to jazz it up with a pillow and some fur. Then the next day, I got some serious rest and relaxation at the beach. I’d consider that a pretty successful weekend. In reality, I’d call any weekend at the beach successful.

How was your weekend? Any fun finds or adventures?

The Newest Addition to the Family

Look at this little bundle of joy that I brought home over the weekend. Yes, I am referring to a chair. And I suppose it isn’t that little.

I found this Eames era recliner at an antiques/flea market store thing (I’m not really sure what you would call it), and it followed me home. It’s a little squeaky, but quiet is boring, right? It’s in my bedroom for now, but someday it will be in the living room for all to enjoy.

Feeling Thrify

If there was an award for cheesiest titles to a blog post, I’d probably win. And I would be ecstatic, I might even cry fake tears of joy.

Anyway, on to the real reason of my post…I went to the Thrift Store on Monday and got some great finds that I had to share.

A chair. Isn’t it amazing. But wait, it gets even better. There was not only one, not only two, but THREE chairs that came together! THREE! I am sitting in one of them right now.

And, I also scored this blazer!

I got all these things (three chairs and a blazer) for under $20! I know, right? Amazing. It made my week.

Can I just tell you that it is very hard to take pictures of oneself. It was no easy task. I guess I could have asked someone to take it for me, but that’s no fun.

What do you think of the necklace I am wearing. I love it, but I have gotten  an array of responses. For example, when I bought it and showed it to my roommate, she told me I was crazy. So instantly, I liked it even better. Many others have told me they liked it. And you? Would you wear something like that?

// photos by Alyse Moyer //