It’s About Time

Finally it’s Friday!

I made these last weekend. I needed some color in my life.

// photo and design by Alyse Moyer //

Because My Mom Said So

Here’s your healthy dose of color for the week. BAM!

Do you want to know the real reason for this post? Evidently, my Mom doesn’t think that I update my blog often enough. So in an attempt to keep her happy, I did this. Does this count as her birthday present?

// photo and design by Alyse Moyer //

Last Friday Fun

Guess what came to town this past weekend?!

I first noticed that they were starting to set up for the carnival last Tuesday on my way home from work and I really loved all the colors that were on the rides. So, I tried to figure out a way to take some pictures without people there and without seeming creepy. I took a half day at work on Friday and got some pictures in the afternoon before anyone got there. I’m sure I seemed like a creeper despite my best efforts (I was walking around in heels taking pictures with my iphone), but at least I got the pictures.

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