That Cupcake Never Stood A Chance


I taught this little lady everything she knows about how to eat a cupcake. We eat them the exact same way. First, I shove the cupcake in my face, then I proceed to lick the icing off and then I actually eat the cupcake. You should try it sometime, it really makes the experience much more enjoyable. Not to mention, it’s very entertaining for everyone who is watching.

Ok, I don’t actually eat cupcakes like that, but I am seriously considering it. Basically my reason for this post is just to warn you that I will be shoving a ton of pictures in your face from my recent trip out west. Look how nicely I tied that all together.

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A Spot of Tea

We celebrated Mother’s Day early by going to tea last weekend. Doesn’t it look so fancy? We were very fancy too, of course. For most of the time, my niece (shown here) was shouting “cock a doodle doo” and flapping her arms like a chicken, which seems like the normal thing to do while enjoying tea. The people around us were so impressed by our level of sophistication.

My other niece, was obviously enjoying herself too. I know that whenever I am having the time of my life, I cover my face with whatever is within arm’s reach, in an attempt to contain my excitement. I did it at a house warming party just last weekend. It’s a sure sign of a good time.

That chocolate covered strawberry didn’t know what hit it. She mauled that thing.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers! Have a great day!

// photos and design by Alyse Moyer //

Gross Worms, Slimy Fish, and Dirty Kids (just like I promised)

This fishing story begins with a container of worms. My mom warned me that since it has been so dry where I live, it might be hard to find worms for bait. So, I was smart, and bought some at a gas station.

However, I did not know much about my purchase. I opened the container to look at them and they were HUGE. GINORMOUS. GARGANTUAN. And I had to touch them. And they moved, A LOT. Have a look.

Evidently, Canadian Nightcrawlers are known for being big worms. No one told me that. Oh, except for Wikipedia, which is where I found this out.

Normally I have my mom put the worm on my hook (I know, I’m a baby), but she wasn’t going to be there. So, not only did I have to put the worm on everyone’s hook, but I also had to tear the worms in thirds just so they would fit on the hook. Gross.

Did you see the tag line on the container? It says “Our worms catch fish or die trying.” Those Canadians, they’re funny aren’t they?

Here’s my one nephew (I have two), airing out his arm pits. Actually, he was probably waiting for me to get his fishing rod ready and wishing that I would stop taking so many photos.

This is the pond where we went fishing.

This is my other nephew.

Above,  he’s still wishing I wouldn’t take so many photos.

This guy was the only one to catch anything. This was his first fish.

We dropped this fish a bunch of times before it made its way back in the water. Slippery little bugger.

Still wishing I wouldn’t take so many photos.

Here’s fish #2. We almost didn’t think he had a fish because we couldn’t see it through all the algae.

We didn’t drop this one at all. Aren’t you proud? We got better with practice.

My nephew caught one more fish (3 total), but he was tired of getting his picture taken, so I can’t show you that one.

// photos by Alyse Moyer //

Cheap Thrills

My mom, my younger sister and I went to a bunch of yard sales on Saturday. We got lots of goodies.

Here’s one of our many finds. Despite how well the bib fit her, we decided not to buy it.

We did however, buy some AMAZING sunglasses. And they were only 50¢! We decided to each get a bright color and wear them around to all the other yard sales that we went to. Totally worth it.

And I got me some bling!

I bought some other items, but I’ll save them for another post.

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Backwoods Weekend Part I

How was your weekend? I was at my parent’s house. Located in the middle of nowhere. It’s a lovely little place. Here are some pictures.

The little pony is named Leo, but we call him Tina Turner because they share the same hair.

My Mom decided to give my nephew a cardboard paper towel roll. Why you ask? I have no idea. But, guess what he did with it…

He beat me with it.

My Dad’s garden is starting to grow.

My nephew got a tractor ride while my Dad cut the grass.

Stay tuned. More pictures from my weekend to come in a day or two.

*note: Please kindly request permission before using any of the photos above with children in them (including sites like Pinterest).  I don’t want them circulating around the internet.  Thank you!

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All Grown Up

Today was my younger sister’s college graduation. My entire family was there for the ceremony. This is one example of our conversation.

Mom: What color is drab?

Me: I dunno. I didn’t think drab was a color. I thought it was used in sentences like “it was a drab and dreary day.” Why do you ask?

Mom: Grandma said the colors they will be wearing for graduation are drab.

Me: Maybe she meant they are boring?

Dad: I think she meant drag

Evidentally, drab is a real color. And no, my sister was not dressed in drag for graduation. Although that would have made it much more exciting.

Baseball Season!

Yes, I do realize the picture above has nothing to do with baseball. But, we passed it while we were walking to baseball practice, so that kind of counts, right?

*note: Please kindly request permission before using any of the photos above with children in them (including sites like Pinterest). Thank you!

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My Sister’s House

My sister feeds me once a week (what a gem!) and I get to hang out with my nephews and niece. Here are some pictures from one of my recent visits.

My nephews are silly. And so darn cute!

I let one of them take a picture with my phone. His finger got in the way. I like the way it came out.

This time his finger didn’t get in the way. However, our heads are cut off.

This is my brother-in-law at his best.

*note: Please kindly request permission before using any of the photos above with children in them (including sites like Pinterest).  I don’t want them circulating around the internet.  Thank you!

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