Corn Maze

I told you I would take lots of pictures. I wasn’t joking. Let me tell you about our corm maze experience, there was corn, more corn, then we got lost, then there was more corn, still lost, CORN. I imagine that’s how they all are.

Aside from all the corn, they also had pumpkins, gourds, flowers and all things fall.

No more corn please.

Here is the entrance to the sea of corn. This was before we knew what we were getting ourselves into. You’d think that with 7 adults, we would find our way out relatively easily. Not the case.

I think she enjoyed the stroll.

Finally, we found our way out! There were pumpkins everywhere. We got apples at the end of the maze to munch on. Delicious.

So cute!

Have a good weekend! Enjoy some corn mazes while you still can!

// photos by Alyse Moyer //


How was your weekend? This is how wine was…

Well, my whole weekend wasn’t like that. Just one day. But, them fellas got skills. If they were on American Idol I would totally vote for them. Mostly because they are wearing suspenders (well, at least one is). That’s like 50 points already.

I found those guys at the German festival that I went to yesterday. My friends and I go every year (mostly because we get free tickets).

Here are some more sights from the festival.

We sat on hay bales to watch the men sing.

Then we visited all the animals.

Check out the bleach blonde bangs on this horse. Yes, they are real. Yes, I am going to take this picture to the hair dresser and tell them that I want this exact haircut.

One of many hex signs. Pretty colors.

A plate with a design up top and a plate at the bottom anybody could draw on.

I like the design at the bottom of this sign.

Yup, more suspenders! And some glassblowing.

More hex signs.

This bunny, I cleverly decided to name Fluffy. Look at it! It’s a giant fluff ball.

I am slightly allergic to rabbits. As in, if I touch them and then touch my eyes, they will get all puffy and swollen. (Um, who touches a rabbit and then touches their eyes? That’s just dumb. Oh, I do). But, this rabbit makes me want to rub my face in it. Swollen eyes and all.

// images by Alyse Moyer //

Swaying in the Breeze

Look what I found! I got this artwork at a yard sale a few weeks ago.

The image is actually stitched onto fabric. I love all the motion in it. Below are some close up shots.

It needs a new frame, or, I need to paint the existing one.

What do you think? Do you like it?

// images by Alyse Moyer using iPhone //

Party Time

We had a party in my niece’s honor a few weeks ago.

The cake was made by my little sister. It was her first time using fondant and I think she did a great job.

And there were lots of other treats.

The tables were decorated using strips of wrapping paper. Then, circles were cut out of different wrapping paper and flowers were placed on top. I also made paper flowers and hung those up.

// images by Alyse Moyer using iPhone //

Backwoods Weekend Part I

How was your weekend? I was at my parent’s house. Located in the middle of nowhere. It’s a lovely little place. Here are some pictures.

The little pony is named Leo, but we call him Tina Turner because they share the same hair.

My Mom decided to give my nephew a cardboard paper towel roll. Why you ask? I have no idea. But, guess what he did with it…

He beat me with it.

My Dad’s garden is starting to grow.

My nephew got a tractor ride while my Dad cut the grass.

Stay tuned. More pictures from my weekend to come in a day or two.

*note: Please kindly request permission before using any of the photos above with children in them (including sites like Pinterest).  I don’t want them circulating around the internet.  Thank you!

// images by Alyse Moyer using iPhone //